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Are you constantly tired?
Have zero energy?
Plagued with aches and pains?
Then do what Adam did!

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Signs of Nutritional Deficiencies


  • Dark circles or bags under the eye:
    Allergies, food tolerance, dehydration
  • Poor night vision:
    Vitamin A
  • Ruptured blood vessels in the eyes:
    Vitamin C
  • Nearsightedness:
    Vitamin D
  • Pale lower eyelid:


  • Bumps on the back of the arms:
    Vitamin A
  • Dry or rough skin:
    Vitamin A, E
  • Unusual nosebleeds:
    Vitamin C
  • Easy bruising:
    Vitamin C
  • Acne during menstruation :
  • Dermatitis:
    B2, B3, Biotin


  • Hair loss:
    B2, B5, Biotin, D, Zinc
  • Dry hair:
    Vitamin A, E , Omega 3 , Protein, Iodine, Selenium, Biotin
  • Dandruff:
    Selenium, Omega 3, Vitamin A


  • Spoon shaped nails:
    B12, Iron
  • White marks:
    Calcium or Zinc
  • Pale nails:
    Iron, Biotin
  • Brittle nails:
    Calcium, Magnesium, Iodine
  • Cuticles tear easily:

Muscles & Joints

  • Twitching:
    B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, Vitamin D, Magnesium, Calcium
  • Edema/Swelling:
    B1, B6, Potassium
  • Numbness or Tingling:
    B12, B5
  • Clicking Joints:


  • Canker sores:
    B3, B12, Folic acid, Calcium
  • Cracks in the corner of the mouth:
  • Weak tooth enamel:
    Vitamin A, D, K, Calcium
  • Painful tongue:
    B2, B3, Folic Acid
  • Loss of smell or taste:


  • Depression:
    B1, B5, Biotin, PABA
  • Dementia:
    B1, B3, B12, Folic Acid
  • Nervousness:
    B1, B6, B5
  • Insomnia:
    B3, B5, B6, D3
  • Dizziness:
    Iron, B2, B12

Teeth & gum

  • Bleeding gums:
    Vitamin C, Folic acid
  • Crowded teeth:
    Calcium, Vitamin K

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Blood Tests & Covid-19 PCR Tests, Luton, London, Manchester & Nationwide

Check out our range of fast and efficient blood testing service and get tested today at our Luton Covid-19 PCR test centre or order an at-home PCR Test to Manchester, London or any other UK region

Vitamin Shots

A treatment for common and debilitating symptoms which  often go undiagnosed

IV Hydration Therapy

A unique treatment, comprising of cocktails of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants enriched IV Therapy

Diet Plans

A Bespoke plan designed specifically based on your lifestyle

Optimized Body & Mind

Our Story

Optimized Body & Mind was built with the vision of creating awareness around the effects of vitamin, mineral and hormone deficiencies. Created by someone who has gone through the most difficult of journeys and has now become the most optimal version of himself. This is a person who was originally told by doctors told to accept his state. However, he did not give up, he decided to give his body what it needed to perform at its best and found that with a healthy body you have a sharper mind. Our ethos is based on health of the body and the mind and our expert team are here to provide you with exactly that. We also offer Covid-19 PCR tests at our Luton Covid-19 test centre which also provides people who are travelling abroad with a Covid-19 PCR certificate for travel. This service is available nationwide across the UK including Luton, London, Manchester and Birmingham with our next day delivery home kits.


The Optimized plan is not just any plan it has changed my life! I look good feel good and full of positive energy.
A Health Body = Healthy Mind

Hafsa Nadeem
London, uk

Optimized Body and Mind

Hafsa Nadeem
London, uk

The Optimized plan is not just any plan it has changed my life! I look good feel good and full of positive energy. A Health Body = Healthy Mind
Optimized Body and Mind

Frequently Asked

What is Optimized Body and Mind?

It is our fundamental belief that fueling one’s body correctly is the most efficient way to achieving optimal results in physical mental and emotional health. With Optimized Body and Mind, we focus on helping people to achieve their true potential.

How do I Optimize myself?

It is our recommendation that you complete an assessment in the form of a health MOT to gauge your baseline health and determine where your insufficiencies lie. From here, we can develop a plan to accurately supplement your diet and lifestyle to maximize your overall health.

How does the blood test differ from one with my GP?

The number of tests that we complete at Optimized Body and Mind vastly exceeds that of a standard GP blood test. We complete a thorough audit of your vitals and provide a comprehensive report, whilst a GP will simply test for a specific issue to prescribe a particular solution.

When can I expect my test results?

All patients can expect their results within 2 working days.

What next after receiving my results?

Once you have received your test results, you will gain valuable insight into your body and how to optimize diet, supplements and lifestyle to feel better and more focused.

What should I do if I have vitamin deficiencies?

Vitamin deficiencies are extremely common and can be addressed with either supplements or a vitamin shot.

This can be administered for you by our team.

What is a vitamin shot?

A vitamin shot is an injection that can be prescribed by a doctor that delivers high doses of vitamins via intramuscular injection. These vitamin injections are proven to be a fast and effective method of boosting important nutrients present in your bloodstream. Upon injection, the vitamins bypass your body’s digestive system, which allows for an optimized level of overall absorption.