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Optimized Body & Mind has been around for a few years now and had started off testing people for types of blood, until covid kicked in, where the company took this opportunity to help save lives and test people for their well-being. Optimized Body & Mind, then started testing people for traveling, to help customers reduce the stress of their journey and make traveling easier.

The main vision for Optimized Body & Mind is to create a one-stop health and well-being clinic, where customers can visit for any type of treatment to avoid disappointment and the hassle of long queues or being held on waiting lists. Optimized Body & Mind understands that nowadays it is very difficult to get an appointment with a GP, or for treatment, and therefore, our company has grown immensely, and now provides numerous services: Blood Tests, IV Drips, Vitamin Injections, and Allergy/ Intolerance Testing, to ensure your health is looked after.

To provide convenience and meet customer needs, we are open 7 days a week and have friendly staff who are always happy to help. We have now begun home testing, where you are able to order a blood test kit to your door and undertake this, at the convenience and comfort of your own home and send this back when you are ready!

We believe health is not just about looking after your body's performance, but it’s also about making yourself feel good, hence Optimized Body & Mind, has recently introduced laser hair removal, to make people feel good about themselves inside and out. In addition, we have teeth whitening kits, again to boost the confidence of individuals and make them feel good about themselves in every way.

We’re here to make sure health is your first priority and to make you feel optimized to the max!

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